Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Police protection, not in this town.

I'm very unhappy about the lack of concern that the police department boldly displays towards the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect. over the years many of my friends and family members have fallen victim to thives and calling the police was a big waste of time, the only thing you could expect from them is a few minutes of conversation at best. I'm well ware that cops are only human and can't be everywhare at once but they can make more of an efford to investigate things. a closer look may reveal a clue that could id the perp, maybe something they droped such as a wallet or other proof of id. when law enforcement officers fail to preporm the things they  swore to do, not only do they leave the city open for the enjoyment of criminals but they also become criminals themselves by taking money they haven't earned in the form of a pay check. As citizens we deserve good police protection, after all it's our hard earned tax dollars they are wasting. would you pay a carpenter for work on your home that he didn't do,of course not, I say equal work for equal pay( what do you think)

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