Friday, June 24, 2011

Pull those pants up!

As you may have noticed, the vast majority of teens and young adults have adopted the practice of letting their pants sag off their butt to the point that most of the underware is exposed to the public. In this society that's the norm and any young person who choose not to dress in that way is considered uncool and often picked on. Sad to say but most parents support their children in dressing in such a disrespectful manner, to them its a means of self expression and young people have the right to openly proclaim who they are. well that may be true to them, however every coin has two sides so lets dig deeper into this. I find it to be a sign of disrespect for young people to walk about displsying their underware for two reasons (first ) it shows that you have no respect for yourself or your parent, the world we live in is a very dirty place when you go about your daily deeds those white undies you left home in this morning ends up looking brown because of all the dirt they picked up during the day. if someone was walking behind you and saw that they might get the picture of poor hygenes or that your mother doesn't wash colthes very often. (second) There are senior citizens out there who should not have to look at your underware (dirty or clean) I could give you 30 reasons but I'm sure you don't have the time. give me some feedback. 

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  1. I like this one because every word you wrote was true these young ppl need to be ashamed of themselves and there parents should be ashamed for them its a disgrace to a young man or young lady to walk around like they do.